I have never really done a year in review before. The reason being that I never had a year that I thought was worth a review. But this year was quite different. The first year I am truly proud of.

Favouritest thing of the year

(Yes, that was an intentional typo :P)

The best about the year was my GitHub contributions graph. I went from 0 contributions in 2015 to 609 in 2016. I also contributed to multiple Open Source projects throughout the year (HacktoberFest being a special bonus).
I was also able to publish my first Android Library PasswordView which seemed to have gotten a decent response.

Android Developer Nanodegree

In march, I received a scholarship to pursue the Android Developer Nanodegree at Udacity. It has been an amazing learning experience till now. I never really thought I would be making widgets and watchfaces for my app anytime soon. But the Nanodegree changed that. Two months till graduation (Yaay :D)


After a lot of delay, I was finally able to start my contributions to Mozilla. I started out with One and Done tests and now I’m actively taking part in Firefox Test days.
Next up was localizing articles in Bengali (which helped me improve my rusty Bengali too xD ).
Another amazing thing which I was able to do was teaching kids about the Web.

Heliox and ROMs

After trying for a really long time, I was finally able to build my own Android kernel called Heliox and compile tons of custom ROMs for my phone. One hell of an experience. A big shout out to Sarthak Narang, Nachiket Namjoshi and Rohit Poroli for being the best guides in my journey.

Here’s hoping to another amazing year. Until next time..